Rules to play

For solo

20 12 150 100 50
50 25 300 200 100
100 50 600 400 200
500 300 3000 2000 1000

For squad

100 13 200 150 100 75 50
200 30 400 300 200 100 50
400 60 800 600 400 200 100
2000 300 4000 3000 2000 1000 500

* Please submit your squad list before every squad match, only listed member are allowed to participate.

* Prize Money will vary as per number of participants.

* Decisions taken by the WOO Team will be final and shall not revert under any circumstances.
* Players need to take screenshots and report it to WOO Team when they asked for. If not, then player/team shall be    disqualified.

General Rules:

* Players need to join the Room via info Shared on WhatsApp number given by user.
* Info of the match shall be shared 15 minutes before the match starts on the given Whatsapp Number.
* Emulator player isn't allowed in mobile tournament, they can join emulator tournament.
* If any player found using Emulator in mobile tourament, will be kicked out and no money will be refunded.
* Any players level is allowed to participate in tournament.
* Player's stats will be checked before starting the match and the WOO Team has the right to ban or remove anyone    from the room.
* If any team or player found using any hack in the match and if any player killed by hacker, please report their IDs to   WOO Team at Report will be obeserved by WOO Team, if found true entry fee will be    refunded.
* No rematch shall be given in case of any hackers in the match.
* Hacking would result in a permanent ban for the Player from all the future tournaments.
* No rematch shall take place if anyone found cheating. The final result will be adjusted accordingly.
* The Player shall be allotted reward according to their kills and final position secured.
* The Winner, irrespective of their kills, will be awarded with the winnings and will be credited in their Account/Wallet    within 24 hours.

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